Healing Fibers Foundation Mission

Healing Fibers is a non-profit organization to encourage those who are Ability Challenged; those who are struggling with Illness, whether physical, emotional, or mental, including stress; and their Caregivers, to use Traditional Fiber Arts as a means of non-medical therapy, relaxation, to redirect the mind and to increase the feeling of productivity. The gentle art of using fiber can help to manage and control pain from on-going illness, or simply as a tool to settle the mind. Redirecting your mind and focusing on something productive can provide a much needed management tool. Sometimes the loss of being productive can be a particularly devastating aspect of becoming seriously ill. For me, Fiber Arts gave me a way to gain control of the pain and at the same time, find a way to be productive. This does not mean the pain is gone but I have learned through using Fiber Arts to channel that pain into something beautiful and productive. As I have slowly improved, I have been able to add different aspects to my skills. The amazing aspect of Fiber Arts is no matter what kind of challenges you might face, there will be a Fiber Art you can master and produce beautiful textiles for yourself, friends and family. Taking your illness and producing something charming and usable while finding serenity through Traditional Fiber Arts! www.healingfibers.org (We do not dispense any medical advice.)